Friday, March 21, 2008

Were you Good today?

I wasn't...

But they're sure going to taste GOOD!

Garlic Rosemary Potato Crucifixion - the PERFECT Easter Starch

- Baby red potatoes, boiled
- Garlic
- Rosemary
- Butter, olive oil, and/or milk
- Turmeric
- Flax seeds
- Paprika or chile powder
- Salt and pepper to taste
- Toothpicks

Prepare two different preparations of potatoes - one for the cross, one for the man. You won't need a lot of turmeric to color your man, so start by adding a teaspoon to your mixing pot and see.

You'll want to pipe these out of a plastic bag (with the corner cut) or a very large-sized pastry bag. It takes a little practice to figure out the right amount of pressure you'll need to apply - especially if you didn't fully mash the garlic and potato.

Now the wicked[ly fun] part: add thorny crown, the five stigmata, and a spear (toothpick) for extra gore.

OIL YOUR BAKING PAN - crucial to remove an intact Jesus. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 375 degrees, allow to cool slightly, then use two or more sets of hands to carefully transport your savior to your plate. I promise, your guests will never forget this ham:

Ahh, just look at him. Who needs Peeps when you've got the Lord? Happy Easter time, everybody. ...And no, I didn't have too much to drink last night for Purim.

Update: Here they are...risen from the cave. Deeeelicious.
To refresh the stigmata, I recommend some hot sauce or another application of paprika. A toi de jouer!

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