Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Frozen Espresso Choco Cookie Yogurt with Agar Agar

Ah, the dangers of marrying ideologies...

Sometimes you end up with a bastard child, the sterile donkey of the ice cream parlor: Clea's agar agar and David's decadence were not meant to mix.

Look at those frozen milk shards...if you get closer, you'll see the gelatinous agar agar chunks, too.

But, in truth, I did screw around with the recipe QUITE a bit - no egg yolks, no liquor, and skewed/guessed quantities. Yet, no matter the weird texture, it still tasted pretty durn good.

Frozen Espresso Choco Cookie Yogurt with Agar Agar

- Remove excess water from approximately 16 oz of non-fat plain yogurt with cheese cloth and a few rubber bands
- Leave yogurt to drain overnight in fridge
- Boil whole milk (approx 1 cup), 2 - 3 espressos, and agar agar (approx 2 grams), allow to chill in fridge (on top of ice)
- Mix espresso and strained yogurt
- Blend agar agar-espresso-milk mixture (somewhat icy after 45 minutes is freezer) with yogurt-espresso mixture and return to freezer
- Take several photos of cute stacked choco cookies, then crumble into frozen mixture when it's still pliable
- Pack into plastic containers and return to freezer

Make sure to defrost for approximately 5 - 10 minutes before serving (and do 'whip it up' a little bit, so you don't get too many frozen milk shards or agar agar gelatinous globs).

A photo essay:

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