Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Zucchinis Make Nice Loaves

Spring has arrived in San Francisco!

Organic zucchini was on sale at my local market, so I absolutely had to buy 3 pounds. We had zucchini rounds (breaded with cornmeal, eggs, and herbs...meh)...even gluten-free zucchini "lasagna," but could do no more. Sometimes two times a zucchini is one time too many.

What did I do? Let them wilt in the crisper? Hell no!

A friend and non-profit colleague, with whom J and I volunteer, emailed last Friday and proposed taking us out for Thai food on Sunday night. Dinner? Really? Thank you!

Here's how I thanked him:

Rather than have whipped up one of my special "healthy" quick breads (bananas, apple sauce, honey, plain non-fat yogurt, egg sniff my whiff), I went with the Joy of Cooking's standard zucchini bread, and added ground cinnamon, organic raisins, and several dashes of "pumpkin pie" spice blend (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, mace, allspice...) from Trader Joe's. Didn't want to gross out the generous Baby Boomer gentleman, after all.

Why include this on the blog? Check out the cute card I made:

Those are little squash flowers and a wee zucchini doodled on a pink 3x5 note card and colored in with crayons. And that's leftover yarn from my Kitchen Sink scarf...which you can see on my friend John in NYC - alas, no photo - or as its original skein-self on Ravelry.

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