Friday, April 4, 2008

Art in Doodletime

This blog has so far touched on my ludique sense of cookery and baking. But I must confess: I get a tad anxious when thoughts turn to "What am I going to make so I can post?" and "IS this really blogable, because I just threw it together and don't have any exact measurements or cook time?"

There's also the waistline to consider, so it's time to back out of the kitchen and get ready for summer dresses. In honor of the new season, and my own desire to shake it up a little, here are some finished art projects piddling round the house:


This one above hangs in the bathroom - sealed with duct tape on the back to lock out moisture. I made it with salvaged wrapping paper, a clipping from a fashion magazine (the golden shoe), and scraps (Mies van der Rohe, the Seagram building, the yellow painting) cut out of ---- (I can't remember! Will update when I do), a hard-bound arts and culture magazine from the 60s that was rescued off the street from my old neighborhood. It's now out of print, but I know of at least one person who has used its contents to make wallets (by cutting out a pattern, laminating, and folding....who knows, they're probably on Etsy by now).

Here are some rings I made in the spring of my senior year of college - the seven of us would pile into a athletic-team van and drive to the DeCordova once a week. It was a great way to end college since it had nothing to do with my major and got me in touch with my high school desire to go to art school. Looks like there are a few options to continue this hobby in San Francisco (1, 2, 3) once I have a few more feathers (dollars) in my cap (checking account). (Yep, that's a cubic ZrO2 gas mask. I'm taking camouflage chique to a whole new level!)

Sewn bits (a Valentine heart I sewed for J):

All those tiny glass beads - a real labor of love.

...and an origami mobile made with J:

It's all about the process!

...stay tuned...more fun stuff (even a little cookery) to come.


Aran said...

First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated.
Secondly, how creative is that mobile!! Fantastic!!
And the brown butter cake looks really good too!

Doodlenaut said...

Thank you, Aran!
I'm still trying to figure out just where this blog is headed, so thanks for your feedback and for stopping by.
Looking forward to your next goodies chez Canelle et Vanille!